The SNES Classic is a lot of fun
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Sorry for the delay in getting this written and posted. BestBuy successfully had my SNES Classic in my mailbox on the morning of launch day. The crew of usual suspects came over Friday night and most of Saturday and we put the SNES Classic through its paces. We all grew up with the Super Nintendo and still break it out to this day for the occasional weekend BBQ and New Years marathon.

Making Google Analytics anonymize IPs in Hugo
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Google Analytics has a cool feature called IP Anonymization. Google has a good explanation but basically they discard all IP information as its collected. It’s not a replacement for tracker blocking extensions, but it does give your users/readers a little extra privacy. Hugo has internal Google Analytics support, just specify a googleAnalytics = “token” in your config file and most themes will just add GA to all pages for you. This internal support (as of now) doesn’t include a way to enable the IP Anonymization feature.

Hello World.
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Another blog relaunch! After not updating my blog in 9 months I’ve decided to do a reboot. I’ve done this many times before and it tends to get me back into blogging for awhile before I let the blog get stale. We shall see how long I last this time. Unlike previous blog reboots I’ve done, I actually carried over a spattering of old content and even the same domain for the site.

The new Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT are fantastic headphones
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I did some headphone shopping last week while killing time in Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku. Yodobashi is one of my favourite places for headphone shopping because of the sheer number of headsets you can try out. With the Bluetooth headsets you simply pair them to your own phone and listen to your own variety of music. I’ve always been a big fan of Audio-Technica headphones as they seem to generally balance the sound quality and cost pretty well.

Suica, iOS and the Apple Watch
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This is going to be a two parter, mostly because I don’t want to write two separate entries. I’m going to talk about Suica on iOS and how well it works, but I also want to talk about my general experience with the Apple Watch Series 2. The iPhone launched in Japan missing many features that people believed made it an unviable product in that market. The iPhone didn’t allow users to attach phone charms, something that people thought would hurt it’s adoption, it didn’t.