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I am Nick and this is my blog. I am a Canadian technology and infosec professional, typically working on web products and services. I chose because it was short and memorable, even though I think the gTLDs are kind of DNS pollution. This is my gazillionth personal blog. I tend to write for a year or two and then let them rot, starting over seems to get me going again. This blog will mostly be an outlet for my desire to write, but there is an off-chance something I write will be of value to someone.

This blog runs on Hugo using a slightly tweaked version of the After Dark theme. The previous version of the blog ran on Jekyll. Both are static content management systems, Jekyll seems easier to get going but Hugo is a bit more fun to play with. There is an RSS feed here.

This blog is ad-free. I will often discuss products but will not use affiliate links so I do not profit if you take my recommendation. I feel affiliate links introduce subtle bias in the best of cases. I do utilize Google Analytics as a way to track blog traffic but it runs in Anonymized IP mode, see how I implemented it here.

To reach me, email me at - or contact me through LinkedIn if its professional. Also I use the Twitter. I occasionally remember to post photos on SmugMug. More often I post pictures of food to Instagram.