Hello World.

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02/2019 Update! 18 months later, we’re trying another reboot. I’d like to reliably start blogging again, though this is like the 5th reboot in the last 7 or 8 years…

This version of my blog runs on Hugo which is neat. The previous root.wtf ran on Jekyll, which I found to be a little easier to customize than Hugo. I’ve seen people suggest that Hugo is much faster than Jekyll, which does appear to be the case, but since they’re both generating static pages it doesn’t really matter that much. (For this tiny site Hugo’s generator returns install while Jekyll took a few seconds) I’m using the After Dark theme which is pretty cool, and I’ve customized it up to where I’m fairly happy with it. Because both store content in markdown files, migrating a few token posts over was pretty easy. You could script a mass migration of a large site without too much trouble.

Hopefully I’ll be more diligent in my blogging this go around because I do enjoy an outlet to write.