Root Letter
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Today I’m writing about a rather unique game in the Western market. Root Letter is a mystery visual novel from Kadokawa, the first in a new series of mystery games. Visual novels outside of the adult space have been basically non-existent in the Western market until recently. Low-cost digital distribution has allowed smaller localizers to publish games on the PC. What makes Root Letter so unique is that it’s from a large developer (Kadokawa) and was published on the PS4 and the PS Vita with actual physical releases.

Apple, Ports
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Fall 2016 has brought two big Apple hardware announcements. The first was the iPhone 7 which lost it’s headphone jack. The second was a new MacBook Pro line which lost basically everything in favour of USB-C ports. I feel partially guilty for my support of the iPhone 7. When rumours came out of losing the headphone port I was pretty instantly angry. I am a bit of a headphone geek and own many pairs.

PhaseOne's 100MP digital back and the future of Medium Format Digital
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This morning Phase One has announced a 100MP digital back for their XF camera system. It’s unclear if this back will have the same camera support as the other IQ3 backs, but it probably will, so that means Mamiya/PhaseOne DF+, Hasselblad H / V and Mamiya RZ67/RB67 support. I’m not sure if you’d really want to put a 100MP digiback on an RB67. The lenses probably don’t have that kind of resolution.

I love SmugMug, but why don't they let you disable the buy button globally?
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While I didn’t end up making the blogging effort in 2015 that I’d hoped for (aka 11 months of silence), I did finally consolidate a lot of my photos into SmugMug. I migrated everything from Flickr and closed my Flickr account, rebranded my SmugMug to (or as an alias), and made a much better effort to upload in general. I still have several trips of photos I need to go through and upload at one point.