I love SmugMug, but why don't they let you disable the buy button globally?

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While I didn’t end up making the blogging effort in 2015 that I’d hoped for (aka 11 months of silence), I did finally consolidate a lot of my photos into SmugMug. I migrated everything from Flickr and closed my Flickr account, rebranded my SmugMug to nick.pics (or nicks.pics as an alias), and made a much better effort to upload in general. I still have several trips of photos I need to go through and upload at one point.

I really like SmugMug’s UI to manage stuff, the Lightroom plugin works great, the screen/web sharpening and color management seem good and it’s generally very fast and reliable. The real mystery to me though is why you can’t globally disable the ‘Buy Photos’ button. You can disable it per gallery, or in your ‘default’ gallery settings, but you’ll still have it show up on search pages, keyword pages, etc. I ended up having to write CSS to hide it around and that seems kinda wrong. There are tons and tons of threads out there complaining about the button, why after several years is there no global disable option?

Come on SmugMug, you need to make some of these settings global. Allow people to disable the button, this seems really pretty easy. I could understand not doing this for the cheaper packages (SmugMug makes money on these sales), but it should be flexibility given to the branded customers at least. It’s my only gripe in an otherwise fantastic service.