Making Google Analytics anonymize IPs in Hugo
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Google Analytics has a cool feature called IP Anonymization. Google has a good explanation but basically they discard all IP information as its collected. It’s not a replacement for tracker blocking extensions, but it does give your users/readers a little extra privacy. Hugo has internal Google Analytics support, just specify a googleAnalytics = “token” in your config file and most themes will just add GA to all pages for you. This internal support (as of now) doesn’t include a way to enable the IP Anonymization feature.

Hello World.
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Another blog relaunch! After not updating my blog in 9 months I’ve decided to do a reboot. I’ve done this many times before and it tends to get me back into blogging for awhile before I let the blog get stale. We shall see how long I last this time. Unlike previous blog reboots I’ve done, I actually carried over a spattering of old content and even the same domain for the site.

I love SmugMug, but why don't they let you disable the buy button globally?
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While I didn’t end up making the blogging effort in 2015 that I’d hoped for (aka 11 months of silence), I did finally consolidate a lot of my photos into SmugMug. I migrated everything from Flickr and closed my Flickr account, rebranded my SmugMug to (or as an alias), and made a much better effort to upload in general. I still have several trips of photos I need to go through and upload at one point.