The SNES Classic is a lot of fun
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Sorry for the delay in getting this written and posted. BestBuy successfully had my SNES Classic in my mailbox on the morning of launch day. The crew of usual suspects came over Friday night and most of Saturday and we put the SNES Classic through its paces. We all grew up with the Super Nintendo and still break it out to this day for the occasional weekend BBQ and New Years marathon.

Root Letter
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Today I’m writing about a rather unique game in the Western market. Root Letter is a mystery visual novel from Kadokawa, the first in a new series of mystery games. Visual novels outside of the adult space have been basically non-existent in the Western market until recently. Low-cost digital distribution has allowed smaller localizers to publish games on the PC. What makes Root Letter so unique is that it’s from a large developer (Kadokawa) and was published on the PS4 and the PS Vita with actual physical releases.